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COVID-19 vaccine update Posted on 15 Jan 2021

As announced last week, we will be delivering the COVID-19 vaccine from our Little Paxton site for those patients in the southern side of our Primary Care Network together with the Alconbury site for those patients in the northern side. 

 We have now been told we will be receiving the vaccine delivery next week. Initially we were expecting to have to deliver around 975 vaccines over 3 days, but it turns out we will instead be receiving 3150 vaccines at each of the two sites (6300 in total) to be delivered over 4 days!!!. As you can imagine, this has had a significant effect on our workload and will have a massive impact on our staff availability for our normal day to day work. We are now working around the clock to sort out the logistics, safety, staff, patient booking and different resources to make sure that we are able to do this in the required timeframe.

 Therefore, we would appreciate your help and understanding in only contacting the surgery if you have an EMERGENCY that cannot wait. We will of course be available for those patients that need urgent attention, but please remember that a significant part of our staff will be busy delivering the vaccine. 

You do not need to contact the surgery about the booking, you will receive a text message to book directly or a phone call if you do not have a mobile phone.

Many thanks for your support and understanding during these difficult times. Be kind and stay safe.

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